British interdisciplinary artist Jane Benson turns literary texts into art

건강 2023-12-06 09:31:58 4222

British interdisciplinary artist Jane Benson applies her systematic interventions into existing works of literature and art. She interprets, combines and collapses sentences from written works, which are then created into other forms of art.

At the exhibition “Dodo Note...” at Gallery Shilla in Seoul which closed Sunday, the artist unveiled new works that encompass several different forms of art -- from sculptures, sound, drawings and prints to installations.

Benson took sentences from essays by American author David Quammen and writing from the 18th-century philosopher Baron d’Holbach, re-creating them into her own visual and audible language.




이재명 "여·야·정 정책협의체 제안…간병비 급여화 서둘러야"

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